By joining SDV AmsterDance, you become a member of an association with people that share your passion. You build a network in the tight-knit world of ballroom dancing and partner dancing throughout The Netherlands, learn from each other, and inspire each other. As a member of the association, you can even organise the events that you are looking for yourself.

Besides this, you get many benefits to further develop yourself as a dancer:

  • Free social dancing and workshops in various partner dance styles
  • Discount on technique courses, parties, and our self-hosted competition: the Knuffelcup
  • Many discounts & deals with dance school Kluver, CanDance Studios & Amsterdam, DanceSport Academy

Apply here to become a member of SDV AmsterDance!

WHOLE YEAR From the 2nd semester
Students €28,- €17,50-
Non-students €38,- €24,-

Registration is open throughout the year

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When you absolutely want to join SDV AmsterDance, but the weekly dancenights are not in line with your work, planning or other appointments, donating is an option. When you choose for supporting SDV AmsterDance through a donation, you still get some of the benefits full members also have: often discount by purchasing tickets for parties or other events. Click here to subscribe as a donor!