What is the Medal Test?
The medal test is the end of the semester. On these festive days you can invite friends and family to show them what you have learnt, and a judge will assess your dancing in every dance. Afterwards, you receive a diploma!

Where do I register?
You can register here.

Is the Medal Test mandatory?
No, the medal test is not mandatory. You can sign up for the next level without doing the medal test. Of course, it is a lot of fun to close the semester together with your fellow dancers.

Can you fail the Medal Test?
No, the medal test is only a festive closing of the course. You need not be afraid to fail. If you are not comfortable yet with the dances, tell your teachers so they can help you!

How do I find a partner?
You can ask a partner yourself, for instance in your own group. You can dance with anybody in the association, also outside of your group and even level. You can only not dance with teachers. You can also ask somebody who is already dancing with somebody else. This person will then be your help leader or help follower.

If you cannot find a partner, please ask your teachers for help. You can also send an email to intern@sdvamsterdance.nl.

With how many people do I dance?
You dance all dances with one person for your own points and you are judged individually. You can however participate multiple times with others partners. They will then be judged, but you will not be. This is called assisting as a help leader or help follower.

What do I wear?
You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Many dancers do dress up. You can wear separate outfits for the standard ballroom and latin dances, as there is time to change between rounds. The teachers can help and advise you. You can also test out your outfit beforehand in the last classes.

Important for skirts: always wear a shorts below your skirt as it might twirl up while turning. For latin, don’t wear a too long skirt, as you might risk stepping into it.

Dance Shoes: You do not need dance shoes. The most important thing is that you can dance comfortable in whatever shoes you are wearing. If you would like to purchase dance shoes for the medal test, you can visit Danswinkel.nl located on the Bilderdijkstraat. Please ask your teachers for some advice about the right type of shoes!

Do I need to dance on both days?
No, you choose what day you want to dance on when registering. You are however very welcome to cheer on the dancers on the other day.

Can I bring guests?
Yes, you are very welcome to invite friends and family to the medal test. There is no limit on the amount people you can bring, but please give an indication in the registration form. After the medal test, they can join the drinks.

Waar is mijn les?
Het adres van Sportcentrum VU is Uilenstede 100, 1183 AM Amstelveen.
Het adres van USC Universum is Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam.

What time does my class start?
You can find all class times in the agenda. Please at least 15 minutes early to activate your sports centre account and find the studio.

Activating your AmsterDance subscription at USC or Sportcentrum VU
To enter the USC, you must activate your AmsterDance subscription. You will need to do this even if you already have another subscription. Please be on time, as it is busy at the desk in the first weeks!

What do I wear during classes?
You can wear sports clothing or regular clothing in which you can move freely. You can also wear regular shoes or sports shoes, as long they are stable to walk on.

Please do not wear heels, especially not if they are not dancing shoes In case you do want to dancing heels, please make sure the heel is not too too high (< 5 cm) and that you have a heel protector on the tip of the heel.

You do not need to purchase dancing shoes and many people only do this at a later moment. If you prefer to dance on dancing shoes, consider flat jazz shoes. These are cheaper and in the beginning better to develop your feet.