The board cannot organize everthing at once, so they created some committees to help them. These are the GalaCie (the ball), the EindfeeCie (the final ball), the KnuffelCupCie (friendly competition), the CursusCie (members who give small introduction classes) and the IntroducCie (introduce association at the universities). Would you like to join one of these committees? Please fill in this form: committeeform or send an email to!


Every year in December or January, the ball committee organizes a spectacular ball. The galaCie consists of an enthousiastic little group of people who organize the whole ball: search for a amazing venue and come up with a cracking theme, et cetera! The past few years we had an amazing masquerade ball at the Westerkerk and a burlesque themed ball. Make sure you have your galadress or suit ready for this committee!


Every year in June, the final ball committee organizes a great ball to close the dancing season. The EindfeeCie consists of an enthousiastic little group of people who organize the whole ball. AmsterDance has for example had a swinging ‘roaring twenties’ ball, but also a crazy ‘hippies vs. hipster ball’. We need all your creativity to organize a spectacular summer party; creativity to the max! Will we see you this year as well?


The KnuffelCup is a friendly competition where fun is a central key. It’s the perfect competition for beginners, which will be organised by driven and enthousiastic members at the end of April. ‘Knuffel’ means ‘Cuddle’ and you can cuddle with the stuffed animals you will give to the winners and also with the participants! So if you’re a persons who loves cuddles: this is the perfect committee for you! A little note: it is recommended (not mandatory) to have a little experience with competition dancing (like the ETDS or NTDS) or joined the KnuffelCup one time or more to have a good view how competitions are organised.


The CursusCie will be actively supported by the supervisor from the board. AmsterDance offers for a small fee little Gala courses for other non-dance associations (because they also organise gala’s). When an association contacts AmsterDance for one (or more) lessons, the CursusCie committee will be asked to give the lessons. The CursusCie consists of a couple of dancers that will be the ‘instructors’ during the whole year. If you want a flexible committee job, are an advanced dancer and love to explain routines to beginners, this is the spot for you!


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