AmsterDance is not just dancing. The many committees organize a large part of the business in the association: from the music at dance activities to the annual beginner competition! In a committee you not only meet new people, but also get to know yourself! Develop your talents, become inspired, and create something that you can proudly say of: I made that happen with my committee!

Would you like to join one of these committees? Please send an email to!


Do you have a real talent for organizing and do you like parties? Join the GalaCie! In February the GalaCie organizes a beautiful gala for both members and non-members. Of course our sister association also will be there. In this committee you will look for a nice location, a fun theme and you will make sure everything goes smoothly. In the past year there was for example a masked dance in the Westerkerk Church, and also a magical gala in VondelCS.


As closing of the year the EindfeeCie organizes a smashing party in June: the end of the year party. A closing party for our members but also our sister associations! Theme, location and maybe a spectacular act, you will make sure the end of the year party will be unforgettable!


Already five years in a row AmsterDance organizes de KnuffelCup! This nice beginners competition takes place around March and is a lovely day for student dancers around the country! Do you already have some experience with competition dancing, or are you curious about what it’s like to organize one? From jury members to the competition theme: you will learn about it all if you sign up for the KnuffelCupCie!


This year AmsterDance for the first time will work on a real almanac! In this yearbook you will find the members and the whole year summarized. Will you eternalize this year in a book which everyone will look back to for years? You don’t want to miss the honour of the first AlmanakCie! So are you good with a pen and grafic design? Sign up for the AlmanakCie!


Do you like writing but do you prefer a couple of small projects instead of one big one (the almanac)? De Krent is AmsterDance’s paper since 2017 that appears three times a year. In this paper you will find nice stories about dancing and the association. In the RedakCie you will keep the association updated with the latest news.


Are you a prince or princess in the kitchen? Or do you just like baking a lot? Join the BakCie! The BakCie will take care of the cakes, cookies, pies and other jummy stuff at the monthly dance cafés.


Are you a master in making up original activities? The AcCie is the committee of activities and organizes non-dance related activities throughout the year. Lasergaming, a board game day, going to the Efteling: you make it happen!


Are you always busy planning your next big dreamtrip or do you just like vacation a lot? Join the VakanCie! The VakanCie organizes a weekend together with AmsterDance every year and arranges a nice location, residence and activities.


Are you great in website design? Than we need you with the TechniCie! For the maintenance of the website and other technical systems, the TechniCie works on making up and working out these improvements.


Are you a real social media fanatic and do you like marketing and promotion? Join the PromoCie! In the PromoCie you will work together with the board to carry out the marketing policy of AmsterDance. You are therefore mainly working on promoting the association and the events off and online, for example by keeping up with the AmsterDance Facebook, Instagram and website.


Every beginning of the academic year there are the introduction weeks of the Universities and Colleges in Amsterdam. AmsterDance of course will be present here to recruit new members. Are you good at winning over people? Join the IntroducCie! Together you will make this a fun week so the new students cannot wait to become a member!


This year for the first time we will have the PaparaCie! Do you love taking photos and/or designing posters and flyers? Thean we need you! In the PaparaCie you will take the best pictures of our beautiful members. Next to this, you can get creative in this committee with designing new promotion material like flyers, banners, posters and logos. Do you just want to take photos or just like to design? No problem, you can still sign up for the PaparaCie!


Maybe the most important part of AmsterDance, because without music, no dancing! AmsterDance already has a decent database of dance music, but we are always busy with finding new music. In the MusiCie you take care that AmsterDance has the best music we can all enjoy! Sounds like music in your ears? Sign up for the MusiCie!


Are you already an experienced dancer or just started out? The CompetiCie organizes trainings and helps AmsterDancers to enter the competition floor. Are you always busy with improving your dancing or you just think it will be fun to go together to competitions and cheer each other on? Join the CompetiCie!


Are you already a more experienced dancer and would you like to give ballroom workshops to beginners? Join the InstrucCie! AmsterDance gives a lot of gala workshops to other associations. We will go to their gala to give them the ballroom workshop there.