Kendra Rademaker – Chairman


Hello everyone! My name is Kendra and I am already 23 years old go crazy now. This summer I started at the University of Amsterdam in the Master Physics, Science for Energy and Sustainability. Originally I come from a small village called Greven near Münster in Germany, but I live, study and living since summer 2012 in Diemen and Amsterdam.

My pleasure in dancing I’ve discovered in Münster on a dance school and finally I was looking after 1 year at a dance club for ballroom dancing during my Bachelor finally at the UvA encountered SDV Amster Dance. Since then I enjoy the coziness and I give anyone who dance and music holds a place in my heart. As chairman, I intend to continue the friendly, cheerful and helpful atmosphere and I’m open to new ideas from each member.

Besides can you find me in a lovely restaurant with a good jazz concert, an interesting museum and various lectures. In addition to these activities, I do not like less of a relaxing evening series on the bench.

Sylvia Drijver – Secretary



I’m Sylvia, 22 years old and I’m having lots of fun Amster Dance of the Secretary! This means that I keep track minutes during the meeting. I would also take action, so that we forget any important points and in addition I maintain the mail contact. So if you send an email, chances are you’ll get a response from me :)

What I add to administrative 5?
I am positive, collegial and perfectionist! Very useful for my job as secretary :)

So if you have a question, please email us! I try every day to check the mail and you will get reply ASAP :)


Philine van Vliet – Treasurer


Hi everybody! My name is Philine, 20 years old and now a fourth-year physics student at the University of Amsterdam. I was born around Amsterdam, but I’m pretty soon thereafter moved to Apeldoorn, where I lived until I was seventeen.

Three years I returned to Amsterdam and I started around the same time dancing, the dance which probably every girl on her sixth follows equally excluded. First only modern and jazz dance, but also style dancing since six months. When I first came into contact with SDV Amster Dance, and I liked the atmosphere and the people so much that I now, six months later, is on the board.

I will be the treasurer provide a clear and well-organized administration and a healthy financial situation. With this as a basis, we can provide as much as possible our members for their membership and organize more dance and non-dance related activities.

When I’m not on the accounting, studying or dancing, can you give me the piano, in a museum, find a concert or just in the pub, where I’d have a drink with you.

Fréderique Iedema – Commissioner Dance


Hey you over there!

To begin, I’ll introduce myself: my name is Frederique, am 19 years old and second year student of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. A year ago I moved to Amsterdam from The Hague and since then the real student life began for me.

Since childhood I am actually been engaged in dancing, so I first five years newstyle hip hop, jazz and yes two years followed three ballet classes. Eventually, I ended up using one girlfriend at ballroom dancing and after just one dance, I was hooked. After moving to Amsterdam, I was looking for a lively dance club full of fun, dancing and enthusiasm. By chance, I had signed up as a member of Amster Dance, before I had ever been with the association. Sometimes you just have to take risks! ;)

As Commissioner dance I am responsible for organizing and coordinating all dance-related events, such as workshops, art classes, dance cafés and the occasional flash mob. In addition, I make sure that all music events is available and regularly undergoes an update. I also take care of along with other members of the fanatical gala courses we offer example to other associations.

Besides I find it very important to create a cheerful atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. Therefore, I will always be there for you to put a smile on your face or you invite to a dance. :)

Dancing regards,

Brechje Boeklagen – Commissioner PR


Hi everyone!

I’m Bree, I’m 19 years old and I held the new position Commissioner PR this year. I am studying Information Science at the University of Amsterdam and am now working with great pleasure my second year. Born and raised in Amsterdam, but I’ve long danced in Amsterdam (from ages of five and seventeen), where we did a kind of mishmash of street dance and jazz. After seventeen I wanted to go dancing again, I went once with my cousin to ballroom dancing. I found it so very much that I have signed up for the classes at USC and me shortly after I joined the association Amster Dance in my first year. I dance for a year now, have diplomas bronze and silver in my pocket and a dance contest now and then. It has already warned me: ‘Look out, once you start ballroom dancing, you want nothing more! “And dude, what they were right. I’m totally hooked and I like the club tremendously cozy. I met my best friends here!

I have experience in PR work because I did well last year in the EindfeeCie. I will ensure that all events are well promoted, the Facebook page and the website to date right up. Come to me especially if you want to know about the upcoming events, I am always ready for you.

Come dance with me again!


Previous Boards

Bestuur 4, 2015-2016

Lysanne van Beek (right) – Chairman

Maarten van Leeuwen (mid-left) – Secretary

Marcel Sondaar (mid-right) – Treasurer

Daphne Box (left) – Commissioner Extern

Bestuur 3, 2014-2015

Ysbrand Galama (mid-left) – Chairman

Lysanne van Beek (right) – Treasurer

Bibi Geurtz (mid-right) – Commissioner Intern

Kawing Chung (left) – Commissioner Extern


Bestuur 2, 2013-2014

Yvonne Dodeman (left) – Chairman

Sander Nugteren (middle) – Secretary

Eva Disselhoff (right) – Treasurer

Bestuur 1, 2012-2013

Ursula Rolf (left) – Chairman

Kristell Penfornis (right) – Vice-chairman

Roel van Oosten (middle) – Secretary

Jana van der Weegen (mid-left) – Treasurer

Floor Jeurink (mid-right) – Commissioner Internal Buisness