Advanced Courses

After the Beginner Course you can continue with various courses in the style of your preference. Of course you can choose what course you want to do each period and try out a new style every time, or follow multiple courses at the same time.

New members with prior experience

We recommend that all new members follow the Beginner Course, even if you already have dance experience in a specific style. In the Beginner Course you learn 7 partner dances and 2 solo styles. This gives you a broad taste of all the styles there are and allows you to dance with other people during social dances or the gala.

Semester Courses
The semester courses start in September and February, and like the Beginner Course take 20 weeks.

Quarterly Courses
The quarterly courses start every 10 weeks, four times per year (September, November, February and April). These courses have a programme. This way you can discover a new style each time! You can find the upcoming schedule in the overview of the quarterly courses.