Medal Test

Each course period ends with a dance exam, the medal test. All dancers of the Semester Courses can participate in the medal test. On this cheerful day, the dancers show what they have learnt during the course, and receive a diploma from a judge who assesses them and gives advice.

Inviting Spectators

The medal test if the perfect moment to show your friends, parents or other family what you have learnt! Afterwards, your guests are invited to join the drinks.

You can bring as many guests as you want to. In the registration form you can give an indication. If your indication changes significantly, or you want to invite more than 10 people, please notify the board.

Registration and Practical Information

You only need to register once per couple.

Finding a partner

You dance the medal test with one fixed partner for all dances. This partner is from your own course, but can be on a different day.

You can choose a partner to dance with yourself. You can choose somebody from your own course level, but you can also ask somebody from your level who dances in a different group. If you have trouble finding a partner, please ask your teacher for help.

You can also dance with somebody who already dances with somebody else. This person will then be your help leader or follower and will not be judged themselves. You can dance with at most one person for your own points.

It is not possible to dance with somebody outside of your course, unless there is no partner available within your course. In that case, the teacher will help you find another partner within the association to help out.

What figures do you dance

During the medal test you will dance the figures that you learnt in the course. Forgot a figure? don’t worry: you can always dance less figures or figures from an earlier level. This does not cost you points: you are judged on your technique and a clean execution of the steps that you do, not on which steps you do.

The medal test is not a dance competition. You are judged on the correct execution of the basic figures, hold and techniques. You are not supposed to dance competition choreographs or other figures from outside the classes.


You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but many dancers do dress up nicely. You can wear separate outfits for the standard ballroom and latin dances, as there is time to change between rounds. The teachers can help and advise you. You can also test out your outfit beforehand in the last classes.

It is not allowed to wear competition clothing. The same clothing rules as debutant classes apply. This way we keep the medal test fun for all participants.

Skirts / Dresses
Always wear a shorts below your skirt as it might twirl up while turning. For latin, don’t wear a too long skirt, as you might risk stepping into it.

Dance Shoes
You do not need dance shoes. The most important thing is that you can dance comfortable in whatever shoes you are wearing. If you would like to purchase dance shoes for the medal test, you can visit located on the Bilderdijkstraat. Please ask your teachers for some advice about the right type of shoes!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to many questions regarding the medal test, please refer to the frequently asked questions.