Medal Test

Each course period ends with a dance exam, the medal test. All dancers of the levels Bronze (beginner), Silver, and Gold can participate in the medal test. On this cheerful day, the dancers show what they have learnt during the course, and receive a diploma from a judge who assesses them and gives advice.


You can invite your friends, parents or other family to cheer you on during the medal test! Afterwards, your guests are invited to join the drinks.

You can bring as many guests as you want to. In the registration form you can give an indication. If your indication changes significantly, or you want to invite more than 10 people, please notify the board.

Registration and partners

You can register below. You register with your partner and only need to register once per couple. Please pay attention to fill out the right dance role for each.

Finding a partner

You can choose a partner to dance with yourself. Preferably, you choose somebody from your own level (bronze, silver or gold), but you can also ask other dancers in the association. It is not possible to do the medal test with a teacher.

You can also dance with somebody who already dances with somebody else. This person will then be your help leader or follower and will not be judged themselves. You can dance with at most one person for your own points.

Need help finding a partner?

Don’t know who to dance with? Please let teachers or board know and they will gladly help you out. You can also email the commissioner of internal affairs at and note (1) your name, (2) your dance role, (3) your height and (4) the days you are available on.

Registration Deadline

You can register below. Registration closes Wednesday 8 February.

Je kunt je niet meer inschrijven voor het afdansen. Neem contact op met het bestuur voor vragen.