AmsterDance is the Amsterdam student dance association, the association for all students in Amsterdam who want to dance.

We cannot wait to welcome you on the dance floor!

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Membership Fee
The season starts on 1 September and ends on 31 August. The yearly membership fee for this period is €28.00. If you register on 1 April or later, the fee for the remaining months is €17.50.

Requirements Membership Admission
You must be between 18 and 29 years old in order to become a member. You can contact the board if you are not 18 yet in order to see if you can be accepted as a member.

You must also be a student to become a member. This means that you must be registered in a fulltime bachelor or master degree. Also the Dutch “HBO” and “MBO” higher education count, as well as people studying medicine who are waiting for their internships. However, please note that PhD students are not regarded students in The Netherlands.

Are you studying in a different way, or are you wondering whether you can become a member? Please send an email to

Cancelling your membership
You remain a member until you decide to cancel your membership. Cancelling is possible at the end of each season. If you want to cancel your membership for the next season, you can do so by emailing the board no later than 3 August before the start of that season.