Below, you will find the privacy policy of SDV AmsterDance. For questions and/or remarks about this policy, please send an e-mail to

1. SDV AmsterDance has access to your personal information provided by you during membership registration. 

2. As a member of SDV AmsterDance, you can access, revise, and delete your personal information at any time. 

3. SDV AmsterDance will safely store your personal information for up to 2 years after termination of your membership. Essential, indispensable information (name, contact details, and membership period) will be kept in the former members archive, and can be deleted by your request. 

4. SDV AmsterDance shares your name and student status with partners of SDV AmsterDance to identify you as a member of SDV AmsterDance and/or to receive funding.

5. SDV AmsterDance can take footage of you during events, activities and competitions, and might want to publish footage on the website and social media of SDV AmsterDance. If you are on the foreground of the footage, SDV AmsterDance will ask permission before sharing. You can always ask SDV AmsterDance for the removal of certain footage. In case you do not want SDV AmsterDance to share footage of you, you can mention this on a case-per-case basis, or you can opt-out for all cases.