An impression of the AmsterDance Classes
The AmsterDance Beginner Course

SDV AmsterDance offers ballroom dance classes every Wednesday evening. Besides the weekly courses we have regular in-depth workshops and introductory lessons to various other partner dance styles, such as social latin and swing dances.

You don’t need a partner to enrol for the AmsterDance courses. During the classes you will change partners regularly to put leading and following into practice.

Beginner Course

The Beginner Course takes place twice per year: in September and in February. In a half year time you will learn the basics of seven dances. At the end of the course you are able to ask a partner for a dance at a party and further develop yourself in the world of partner dances. At the end of the course you can participate in the dancing exam for which you will receive the first level of ballroom dancing called “Bronze”.

In September and February
Time: Wednesdays 20:00 – 21:00.
Location: USC Universum, Studio 2

Partner not required.

Technique Course

Have you finished the Beginner Course, or do you already have more ballroom dancing experience? AmsterDance also offers a weekly Technique Course. During these classes you will learn more advanced variations and go more in-depth in the underlying techniques. You will also learn the last remaining ballroom dances that were not part of the Beginner Course.

These lessons are suitable for both those who have just completed the Beginner course, and more advanced ballroom dancers.

Every quarter
Time: Wednesdays 19:00 – 20:00
Location: USC Universum, Studio 2

Partner not required.

Ballroom Dancing at CREA

AmsterDance geeft ook een kleine cursus bij Cultureel Studentencentrum CREA. Tijdens deze cursus leer je in het kort de basis van vier dansen en is een ideale manier om kort kennis te maken met stijldansen. De cursus begint op 18 oktober en duurt 9 weken.

The course is currently full. To find out if you can join another course or start dancing in a different way, please send an email to

Start: 18 October 2019
Duration: 9 weeks
Time: Fridays 19:00 – 20:15
Location: CREA