We would like to receive your proof of enrolment (BVI) to prove that you are a student. Only with a valid BVI you can use the student membership fee and other student prices.

In case you have any questions about your BVI, please send an email to secretaris@sdvamsterdance.nl or contact your educational institute.

When are you a student

You are a student if you are following a bachelor or master level education at a university or HBO or doing a fulltime programme at an MBO.

Programmes that count as student

  • Fulltime bachelor or master degree at a Dutch university or HBO.
  • Fulltime bachelor or master degree at a foreign university or HBO.
  • Full-time HBO or MBO educiatons.
  • (Master Medicine) Waiting time of co-schappen

Programmes that do not count

  • PhD-student position
  • Part time education

What is a valid proof of enrolment

A valid proof of enrolment is an official document that you receive by post or email from your educational institute. It contains your name and the period in which you are registered as a student.

What is a valid proof of enrolment:

  • A letter from your educational institute
  • Is valid for the whole academic year
    (1 September to 31 August)
  • You receive your BVI when your enrolment in Studielink.nl is complete
  • (Master Medicine) Official statement from your faculty that you are in your waiting time of co-schappen.

Wat is NOT a valid proof of enrolment:

  • Confirmation email of your programme or payment
  • Screenshot of Studielink.nl
  • Campus card
  • Enrolment per course or parttime enrolment

Requesting your BVI

If you did not receive your proof of enrolment in the way described below, please contact your educational institute.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

See also: instructions on the UvA website.

  • You will receive an email from centralstudentservicedesk@uva.nl
  • Download the PDF in the e-mail

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam