An underground start

Long before the founding of SDV AmsterDance ideas already exist to create a ballroomdance association in Amsterdam. At the ETDS in 2012 the idea was picked up by a small but close group dancers from Amsterdam, and AmsterDance was born.

The first board, Ursula, Roel, Yana, Kristell, Ursula en Floor, a group of friends, decided to promote the idea of SDV AmsterDance and fought all administrative challenges for the foundation of their association. It was because of their effort, that on the 4th of October 2012 the association was brought to life in Utrecht.


The first year

More and more friends became member of SDV AmsterDance in the first year of existing. The first social dancing events every month became permanent and the growing group of friends came together at parties such as the ‘Fairy Magical Gala Night’ and the ‘Roaring Twenties’. The association became also interesting for new people and that was one of the reasons the board thought that the association was strong enough to switch her ‘rulers’ and grow even more. Today at SDV AmsterDance, friendship is one of the key factors in the association. This is also one of the reasons that new members feel welcome and are quickly persuaded to stay the night!