“Rueda de Casino” workshop

This Wednesday it’s time to learn a new partner dance, not just with your own partner, but in a group. There will be a beginner course Rueda de Casino given by Yvo and Yan Yan.

Yvo and Yan Yan don’t just dance Standard Ballroom, they dance all sorts of styles. They are regular salsa and blues party-goers. Yvo used to own a salsa school and on Wednesday he will teach us the basics of Rueda de Casino. This is a Cuban Salsa dance where a caller calls dance pattern sequenced moves that sometimes create a rotational switch of partners around the circle. A fun dance to learn for when you are going to a salsa party.

This dance is perfect to do as a group and can lead to outstanding teamwork, or a hilarious chaos, in both cases great for a sense of teamspirit. Whether you are a seasoned member of AmsterDance, or just want to get to know the association and learn a new dance, it will certainly be an entertaining evening.