Latin workshop “Directions” by Łukasz Piekarski

Łukasz Piekarski

This Wednesday we will dive into latin. The latin dances can be danced anywhere on the floor, but the figures that you dance have a specific direction. Do you step forward or diagonally; towards your partner or to his or her side? A clear knowledge of directions not only increases your stability, but also plays a vital role in leading and following.

Łukasz Piekarski will share his knowledge about this subject in the cha cha cha and rumba. Based on a small basic choreography, he will discuss the various directions in the variations and steps.

Łukasz has been dancing for 11 years and is finalist and semi-finalist in international competitions. He is vice champion of The Netherlands and represents The Netherlands during the upcoming WDSF World Championship Latin in Ostrava.

The workshop starts at 21:15 in Studio 2 of USC Universum. The workshop is free for members and €3,- for non-members. Registration beforehand is not required.