Last lesson of 3rd block and start of 4th block

AmsterDance Lessen

Tonight will be the last lesson of the 3rd block and therefore the last lesson of Bronze I. Contrary to many other USC courses, the lessons in this tenth week of the block will continue as usual!

This means that we start with the first lesson of the 4th block next week already. Make sure to register for Bronze II or the Technique Course in the last block of the academic year!

As always, the activities on the Wednesday evening continue as usual. Tonight after your class you can directly roll into our West Coast Swing Workshop, led by PureSwing Dance.

More of a balllroom type? Make sure to be there next week, because we invited Ania Niedbal, known for our previous workshop about ballroom movement, to make you familiar with scatters: the cheerful hopping that you see experienced dancers do often in the quickstep!