AmsterDance is more than just dance! Even while we are all stuck at home, our committees are a great way to make new friends and stay involved with AmsterDance. And when the regulations allow for it, you will even be able to enjoy a team building activity with your committee—paid for by the association! Interested in joining one (or more) of our committees? Sign up below!  If you have any further questions, you can always contact


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Do you want to work on the second edition of the AmsterDance almanac? Will you join in the effort to capture this unforgettable year on paper so that people will be able to look back on it for years to come? Are you a talented wordsmith or graphic designer? Sign up for the AlmanakCie!

Are you an experienced dancer or have you only just begun? The CompetiCie is here to help all AmsterDancers prepare for the competition floor. Are you always working to improve your dancing? Do you want to make sure that AmsterDancers have the ability to learn about everything related to ballroom competitions? Do you want to organize online workshops or, when possible, in-person technique workshops and stamina trainings? Join the CompetiCie!

Do you want to organize an amazing gala dinner for AmsterDance? Join the GalaCie! The GalaCie will organize a gala dinner around the summer where you can enjoy a delicious dinner in your best outfit.

Do you make the best playlists? Then the MusiCie needs you! With the MusiCie you will make the association’s playlists, add new music to our database, and keep our Spotify account organized. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about (dance) music, or to share your knowledge with others! Is this music to your ears? Join the MusiCie!

Are you a true social media fan with an interest in marketing and promotion? Join the PromoCie! The PromoCie works together with the board to make AmsterDance more well-known among students. There are a lot of ways to contribute to this. For example, through social media posts, promoting our activities, and by making plans for increasing AmsterDance’s visibility.

In the RedakCie, you can keep the whole association updated on all the latest news with the association’s paper. The Krent is published a few times a year and is always full of great stories about dance and the association. Do you love to write and would you love to keep everyone up to date while we’re all stuck at home? Sign up for the RedakCie!