SDV AmsterDance wasn’t so fortunate the first few years with mascottes. Once upon a time, there was a swan, but she took a long vacation during the switching of the board and never returned.(..)

In the autumn of 2016, once again, the idea arised to assign a mascot. Some of our members thought that it would be funny to name our formal board president and loyal member Ysbrand G. mascot of SDV AmsterDance, but unfortunately, the board rejected this idea. The search continued, with a result of not one, but two mascots!

We’d love to present: Fred & Ginger!

Fred (on the left), is a calm gentleman. He supports all our dancers in all ballroom dances. Ginger (on the right), is a vibrant young lady and she will support our dancers in all latin dances. Fred and Ginger will attend all ETDSses and NTDSses and sometimes stop by our association nights to get to know all members!
We as an association would like to thank William H. for naming the mascots.