You need a training subscription to participate in the competition practices on Wednesday and to use the training room on Sunday.

You can buy your training subscription at the bottom of the page.

For whom

Everyone who wants a challenge en improve their dancing can join. You do not need to dance competitions to join the competition practice. It is however highly recommended that you know the basic dances before joining. These are the slow waltz, tango, and quickstep, and the cha-cha-cha, rumba, and jive.

You can join the competition practices next to your regular course. If you are not planning to participate every week, but want to join sporadically, you can buy a stamp card subscription to join the competition practice or use the training room 10 times.

Please note that the competition practice will assume you come with a partner. You can register with a different partner per training, so you do not need a fixed partner. If you are unable to find a partner, please contact the board to see if they can help you out.

Trial practice

If you are a member and wondering whether you want to join the competition practices, you can join two practices for free without a subscription. Please contact the board. You need a partner for trial practices too.


You buy a subscription for a semester of for the entire year. If you join after the first course period, you can buy a subscription for just the second semester.

If you are not planning to join every week, you can buy a stamp card to join the competition practice or use training room 10 times.

The subscription is per person. Your partner needs their own subscription or stamp card.

Subscription typeStudentsnon-students
Training subscription whole year (Sep – Jun)€ 120€ 240
Training subscription first semester (Sep – Jan)€ 70€ 110
Training subscription second semester (Feb – Jun)€ 70€ 110
Stamp card* 10x€ 35€ 55
* The stamp card is only valid in the season of purchase.