Quarterly Courses

Every quarter, new courses start that take 9 weeks. You can join these courses as soon as you have completed the Beginner Course. If you already have prior dancing experience, you can also join these courses while you are still doing the Beginner Course.

The quarterly courses take place on the following times and dates.

De kwartaalcursussen vinden plaats op de volgende tijdstippen en locaties:

  • Thursdays 20:30 – 21:45 – Sportcentrum VU
  • Sundays 16:30 – 17:45 – USC Universum

Next Quarterly Courses

Q3 – February 2023

Afrodance | Thursday 20:30 21:45 – Sportcentrum VU
Contemporary | Sunday 16:30 – 17:45 – USC Universum


Teacher: Djamila
Thursdays 20:30-21:45 – Sportcentrum VU

Afro Dance is an umbrella term which encompasses a variety of increasingly popular African dance styles from around the continent. During this course, you will learn some of the basic steps and grooves of these different styles with the goal to build them up to choreographies and to express yourself through freestyle. Get ready to sweat and leave it all on the dance floor while gaining knowledge and understanding of cultures and traditions from countries such as Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

About the Teacher
The course will be given to you by Djamila. Born in Kinshasa, DRC, the first dances she has ever done were Ndombolo and the famous Mutuashi from the Muluba tribe. Throughout recent years, she has been training to expand her register by learning styles from other African countries in classes and trainings around the Netherlands. Currently, she is training at the only Afro Dance school in the Netherlands, World of Afro College and is also part of World Of Afro Works as a dancer.


Teacher: Reindert van Rijn
Sundays 16:30-17:45 – USC Universum

In the course you’ll explore modern dance techniques, including floorwork. This allows you to learn how to roll, glide, and sway as functionally and smoothly as possible. The class is physically engaging, helping you become more comfortable with dancing close to the ground. Throughout the quarter, the focus will also be on learning a choreography, providing an opportunity to further develop your personal expression.

About the Teacher
The course is taught by Reindert van Rijn. He has evolved as a versatile dancer with experience in various styles such as ballet, hip-hop, and, of course, contemporary dance. After completing 11 years of dance training, including Modern Dance Theater at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, he has performed in various dance pieces and operas.

Previous Courses

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  • SalsaQ1 2023-2024
  • Samba Techniek – juni 2023
  • Ballet & Sprongen – juni 2023
  • Tango Techniek – november 2022
  • Afrodance – september 2022
  • West Coast Swing – september 2022
  • Quickstep – april 2022
  • Modern – april 2022
  • Engelse Wals – februari 2022
  • West Coast Swing – februari 2022
  • Slow Foxtrot – oktober 2021
  • Afrodance – oktober 2021
  • Samba – september 2021
  • Ballet – september 2021
  • Lindy Hop – mei 2021
  • Salsa 2 – december 2020
  • Salsa & Bachata 1 – september 2020