If you’re are/become a member of AmsterDance you will receive a membership card!

With this membership card you have the oppertunity to go to external events with a discount. Keep an eye on this website: more updates about discounts will be displayed below!

Dance school Redlex

  • € 10,00 discount on all ballroom dance courses (consisting of 30 lessons)
  • 10% discount on bootcamps/workshops given by Redlex
  • € 2,00 discount (€ 8,00 instead of € 10,00) on the following lessons:
    • Basic technique training for standard and Latin on monday nights from 9.15 pm
    • Competition training Latin on tuesday nights from 9.15 pm

Dance school Kluver

  • 5 times free social dancing (every saturday 9 – 11:30 pm).
  • Discount when there are technique workshops on thursday nights from 8 – 10 pm (2 times a month).
  • This offer stands until 30-09-2018.

DanceSport Academy (DSA)

  • Your membership card will give you access to the lessons on the friday night, 8pm – 9pm competition-practice for €10,00 and 9pm – 10.30pm performancetraining for €8,00. Please note that this offer is only valid when the lesson is given by Leonie Borneman and Herman Spilker.
  • Please email to info@dancesportacademy.nl if you want to join a lesson!
  • Location: Gym ‘De Thijsse’, Jac. P. Thijsselaan 13, 1431 JH Aalsmeer.
  • This offer stands until 31-07-2018.

CanDance Amsterdam

  • You can buy a trainingscard for 40 times of training for €150,00! This means that this is only €3,75 per person per training! It is also possible to purchase another 40-trainingscard to lengthen your discount in training after you took advantage of the first trainingscard.
  • Conditions for this deal:
    • You are a student!
    • In case you can’t train all 40 times in the time this deal is valid or if you want to end your deal, the normal price of €5,00 per person per training will be reinstated. The leftover amount on your trainingscard will be payed back to you.
  • There are 3 possible pay-options at CanDance:
    • A one time payment before the first training of €150,00;
    • A two time payment of €75,00 before the first and the 21st training;
    • A five time payment of €30,00 before the first, 9th, 17th, 25th and 33th training.
  • This deal is valid until 31-08-2018.

Keep an eye on the AmsterDance external agenda for all dates (the agenda will be accompanied by the newsletter, which will be sent to members every start of a new month).

Danswinkel Amsterdam 

  • Show your AmsterDance Membership card and you will receive a Danswinkel card, which can get you 10% discount.
  • Want to see their Assortment? Check the website: http://www.danswinkelamsterdam.nl/ or visit the store: Bilderdijkstraat 128, 1053 LA Amsterdam.