As a member of AmsterDance you get access to various discounts and deals. Keep an eye on this website: more updates about discounts will be displayed below!

Dance School Kluver

  • 5 times free social dancing (every Saturday 9 – 11:30 pm).
  • Discount when there are technique workshops on thursday nights from 8 – 10 pm (2 times a month).

CanDance Amsterdam

  • Train in CanDance Studios for €3.75 per training (instead of €5.-)
  • You buy a training card for 40 times of training for €150.00 (at €3.75 per training). It is even possible to purchase multiple training cards in one year.
  • Conditions for this deal:
    • You are a student!
    • In case you can’t train all 40 times in the time this deal is valid or if you want to end your deal, the normal price of €5,00 per person per training will be reinstated. The leftover amount on your trainingscard will be payed back to you.
  • There are 3 possible pay-options at CanDance:
    • A one time payment before the first training of €150,00;
    • A two time payment of €75,00 before the first and the 21st training;
    • A five time payment of €30,00 before the first, 9th, 17th, 25th and 33th training.

Keep an eye on the AmsterDance external agenda for all dates (the agenda will be accompanied by the newsletter, which will be sent to members every start of a new month).

De Danswinkel (

  • As a member of AmtsterDance you can make a Danswinkel Account at the store and get a 10% discount on all purchases.
  • The discount is valid in all stores as well as the webshop.
  • Want to see their Assortment? Check the website:
    or visit the store in Amsterdam:
    Bilderdijkstraat 128, 1053 LA Amsterdam