AmsterDance is home to many experienced competitive dancers. These dancers regularly compete in ballroom dancing competitions and are excited to help beginning dancers to become familiar with anything you need to know during a competition. Therefore, they offer their knowledge competition buddy (wedstrijdbuddy).

You can approach them with all your questions regarding ballroom dancing competitions, such as our own KnuffelCup, but also regular competitions and other student competitions such as the NTDS and ETDS.

Our Competition buddies

Competition buddy Philine van Vliet
Competition buddy Philine

My name is Philine van Vliet.
Age: 22 years.
Studies: I’m doing a Master’s in Theoretical Physics at the UvA. I am currently writing my Master thesis on CP violation in heavy B meson systems. This means writing down a lot of formulas and a little bit of coding, finding out that nothing works and not understanding why and finally deciding to just have a coffee with someone. I enjoy this so much that I want to get a PhD after this year!
Dancing experience: I have been practising ballroom dancing for the past three years. I started with the bronze course at AmsterDance and liked the association a lot, so I joined the board as the treasurer half a year later. I am currently dancing at Dansschool Kluver and compete regularly as well with my dancing partner Jan Jelle. In between practicing and competing I try to go to AmsterDance as much as possible for some social dancing!
Favourite dance: Slow Waltz. It’s slow (surprise), gracious and majestic: if you have a good day or training, you will really feel like a princess floating over the dance floor.

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
My very first competition was the KnuffelCup, after only two months of dance classes. I was extremely nervous, but enjoyed it so much in the end that I decided to continue with competitive dancing. I hope to help people find the same enthusiasm for competitions, without being held back by nerves or a sense of being lost because they don’t know what to expect in a first competition. I found that it is very reassuring to be able to ask questions and to have someone to cheer for you during a competition. Besides that, going with a group to a competition is much more fun than going alone!

Some facts about me:
I laugh often and a lot, and it’s relatively easy to make me cry from laughing. Small warning: don’t try to do this in the morning, since I can be in a bad mood when it’s early. I have a talent for closing my eyes in pictures, I am very patient except with people who bike or walk slowly and I did not spend my childhood in Amsterdam, but in Apeldoorn.

Competition buddy Nesha Narain
Competition buddy Nesha

My name is Nesha Narain.
Age: 25 years.
Studies: Master Chemistry, science for Energy and Sustainability
Dancing experience: 7 jaar
Favourite dance: Rumba

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
It is fun to help others with competitions. I used to get help from friends of my dancing school during competitions too.

Some facts about me:
I am an undertaking, sustainable guy with a silly humor.

Competition buddy Charlotte Vagevuur
Competition buddy Charlotte

My name is Charlotte Vagevuur.
Studie: Deeltijd Natuur en milieuwetenschappen
Dancing experience: In total about 5 years. I started with a bronze course when I was 14 years old and quit dancing after this for a while. Since 4 years I am dancing more seriously again and gained 2 years of experience in competitive dancing with Jan Jaap. At the moment we attend the AmsterDance technique course on Wednesdays.
Favourite dance: Tango and rumba

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
For me the transition from student dancing to competition dancing was huge. Together with my partner I did not know my way around and completely misunderstood the jury system. We felt lost and decided to not participate in competitions any more. I feel sad about it, because competition dancing is fun and a social occasion. That is why I want to show you the way in the world of dancing. I will help you with anything from written to non-written rules, the outfit, where the changing rooms are and what you should really bring to a competition. Just ask!

Some facts about me:
I live with Jan Jaap (aka Jip), a few worms and Plons (robot vacuum cleaner) in Hilversum. I work at Rijkswaterstaat and the city of Amsterdam. I hate to search for matching socks, I like ugly Christmas balls, am undefeated in Disney karaoke and preparing soup.

Competition buddy Lena Jager
Competition buddy Lena

My name is Lena Jager.
Age: 23 years.
Studies: I have been working as a registered nurse in the Emma Children’s hospital for the past 1,5 years. I have almost finished my education as a children’s nurse.
Dancing experience: I have been dancing for the past seven years at Dansschool Kluver in Amsterdam. This year, I became a member of AmsterDance. I have been dancing competitively for one year now, with the best dancing partner Nesha (who is also a buddy)!
Favourite dance: I prefer ballroom dances, because they fit my personality better. However, lately we have been training a lot for latin, and there I discovered a new part of myself, which I also like a lot. Very energetic, and the ability to tell a story on the dance floor!

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
I’d love to be a buddy, because I believe competitive dancing really adds something to ballroom dancing. Of course it can be frightening in the beginning, but I’d like to help people to find their way in dance competitions. Even when it turns out not to be your cup of tea. You don’t know what you’re missing until you tried it!

Some facts about me
It takes me a moment before I get a joke sometimes. At the moment, I have a busy but satisfactory single life. I am very good at planning, and currently looking for a place of my own. I never curse ;).

Competition buddy Wouter Smit
Competition buddy Wouter

My name is Wouter Smit.
Age: 23 years.
Studies: Computer Science at TU Delft.
Dancing experience: 13 years of ballroom classes and 4 years of competitive dancing, 3 of which are with my partner Sarah.
Favourite dance: Samba

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
When Sarah and I started our partnership together, Charda (the teacher of the AmsterDance classes) guided us through the competition world, which helped us tremendously. I want to take that role upon myself now to be able to help new dancers and dance couples in the same way.

Some facts about me:
Before I started university I used to do many different things: I played the piano, practised karate and followed ballroom dancing classes since I was ten years old. I sometimes speak faster than people can understand and cannot sit still. I am a night owl and truly love coffee.

Competition buddy Niek Koopmeiners
Competition buddy Niek

My name is Niek Koopmeiners.
Age: 30 years.
Studies: Political Sciences
Dancing experience: 6 years.

Why I want to be a competition buddy:
I hope to be able to share my information with you, by advising you with regard to competitions. Not in terms of your dancing (you should enjoy the competition, instead of trying to learn new things), but with everything around it. What do I do with my hair? What should I wear? What is a timetable and how do I know if and when I have to dance again? So if you have any questions, send me a message!

Some facts about me:
I am always interested in political affairs and am amateur-member of the union council of the National General Dancesport Union (NADB). I am a big fan of the student-ballroom dancing world and am very enthusiastic to show new students the world of ballroom dancing.