The KnuffelCup has as main goal to offer beginning dancers the opportunity to participate in a low level competition and to be introduced to competitive dancing. The aim at the competition is to have fun, and more experienced dancers are also welcome to participate. This event targets all (student)dancers in and around Amsterdam.

Below, you’ll find a few guidelines regarding participation.

Beginning dancers include all dancers ranging from the very first lessen until silver-star level. Make sure you are familiar with the basic steps for the waltz, quickstep, tango, chachacha, rumba and jive before the competition. If you are, you are ready to go!

Advanced dancers are dancers who have more dancing experience than the silver-star level, but don’t or very rarely participate at dancing competitions of NADB, NDO or WDC etc. These dancers are welcome to participate as well.

Experienced dancers are dancers who regularly participate at dancing competitions. These dancers are of course also welcome to participate, but will be asked not to dance with their usual dancing partner.

At this moment, there are no strict regulations regarding the participants’ levels.

With regards to the organization, there is a maximum number of participating pairs per category Ballroom and Latin). Since this competition aims to offer beginning dancers the opportunity to get to know competitive dancing, these dancers will be given priority in registering until February 23, 2019.

This means that experienced dancers will be notified on February 24 whether they will be able to participate at the KnuffelCup, depending on the maximum number of participants.

The organization will take into account the following principles:

  • Beginning dancers will have priority in participation over advanced and experienced dancers.
  • Students will have priority over non-students.
  • Members of AmsterDance will have priority over non-members.
  • And of course: who registers first will be given priority as well.