The most fun competition is almost there again! On the 23rd of March, the KnuffelCup 2019 | 10.00 – 17.00 with the theme Waltzing Woods will take place at CanDance Studios!
An entire day of fun is waiting for all dancers and judges!

Registrations close on Wednesday March 13th

SDV AmsterDance has been organizing her own ballroom dancing competition for five years in a row already. The KnuffelCup is a competition that is accessible for beginning dancers who would like to try out competitive dancing. Even though it has a lot in common with an actual competition, the KnuffelCup attempts to encourage a fun environment, in which costumes and a little craziness are more than welcome! More experienced competitive dances often participate as well and use this competition to try new things, such as dancing with another dance partner or switching roles. The jury consists of very experienced dancers.

The KnuffelCup represents an opportunity for beginning dancers to try out a new and exciting dancing environment!

How the KnuffelCup works

Day schedule

The schedule for the day itself is as follows: In the morning, all Ballroom participants will dance and try to secure a spot on the podium. After a brief lunch- and change break, the competition will continue in the afternoon with the Latin competition. At the end of the day, the prize ceremony will take place.

More information about the schedule will be available in the beginning of March, and is subject to the number of participants. The day schedule, when available, can be found here.

Extra practice events

This year will be the first year with an additional offer for beginning dancers (including the participation award). If you feel anxious about the competition, or if you simply value being prepared, you can join the pre-KnuffelCup practice events. At these events, you will have the opportunity to practice your Ballroom and Latin skills twice for two hours, accompanied by a buddy!

A buddy? What’s that?

A buddy is an experienced dancer who regularly participates at competitions, and is willing to share all the ins and outs of competitive dancing with you. The buddies will be present at
AmsterDance social dance evenings to introduce themselves and get to know you better. You’ll be able to ask a buddy any question! For example, questions about the steps, what to wear, and what the judges will be looking for. And maybe you will make new dancer friends!

Can’t wait? Find a partner and register here!