The most asked questions are displayed below. Do you have a different question, don’t hesitate to e-mail us!

‘’I can’t ballroom dance, but can I still become a member?’’

Of course! The AmsterDance members all differentiate in their levels: we have absolute beginners and competition dancers in our midst. Even without dance-experiance, you will learn at social dance evenings. Don’t be afraid to join us because you lack experience, we will welcome you with open arms!

‘’I want to learn how to ballroom dance, have I come to the right place? ’’

AmsterDance provides together with the USC lessons for beginners (bronze) and advanced (silver) dancers. The lessons take place wednesday night at the USC Science Park from 7-9 pm (depends on what lesson you’ll follow). Afterwards, AmsterDance takes over with fun dance related events. The fee for the lessons does not include the AmsterDance membership fee or vice versa. For more information, visit the  site of the USC.

Do you study at the VU or do you live nearby? If the answer is yes, you can also take lessons at Griffioen. For more information: the site.

‘’At home, I danced at a higher level than given at the USC, can I take lessons at the USC that will bring me further? ’’

Unfortunately, AmsterDance and the USC only provide lessons on beginner (bronze) and advanced (silver) level, even as Griffioen (nearby the VU). But! There are different dancing schools in Amsterdam and surroundings. Maybe you can visit us sometime, so we can advise you where to go and what school will fit you perfectly. AmsterDance also makes sure that there are multiple dance related activities from 9-11 pm every wednesday, like techniquelessons, workshops and so on, where you can meet (dancing) students and have a really good time.

‘’Do I need a partner to follow lessons or to come to the events AmsterDance organizes? ’’

The answer for both cases is: NO, NO NOT AT ALL! When you come to the lessons alone, most of the time there will be extras to dance with you! Sometimes there are to little of them, so to be sure you are settled for every lesson, you can bring a partner (or find one during the lessons). Also for the activities you don’t have to bring a partner: everyone dances with everyone!

‘’Is there a deadline to become a member of your association? ’’

You can apply to be a member the whole year. In September the membership will cost €32,- for a whole year. In Febuary you can apply for the rest of the academic year, that will be €20,-. When you become a member, you can come to the social dancing and some other events for free or you’ll get a discount! It is SO worth it!

‘’Is there a hazing  or are there mandatory activities if I join AmsterDance? ’’

We can be short about this: no! AmsterDance is an open association without hazing or other nasty activities. You are completely free to decide if you’ll attend an activity or not.

‘’What kind of clothing should I wear while dancing? ’’

Most people will dance in their normal clothing. This should be comfortable clothing, tight pants or short skirts/dresses are less optimal because of the way you move. Shoes also don’t really matter, but we want to discourage women to dance on NORMAL high heels, because this can be very uncomfortable. Please note: when the high heels are dancingshoes, we will certainly not complain.

‘’I’m looking for a partner, do you guys know someone?’’

We can always place a message on our memberspage, even if you’re not a member. If you want us to do this, send us an e-mail with your name, age, length (for the ladies with and without heels), dance experience and if you’re interested in competition dancing. AmsterDance makes sure that there is a speeddate evening in October, where you can dance with some people and perhaps will find a partner. Keep an eye on our FaceBook page!

‘’I’m not a member, but can I still come by when you organize fun activities? ’’

Yes! Sure! Non-members are also more than welcome as our own members, only the non-members have to pay (more) to join. Look at our FaceBook page and the events to see what kind of activities we have and how much you have to pay. Also, you have to send us an e-mail to let us know you want to come to one of our activities, because we need to make sure we can assure YOU you’ll get in. At the entrance of the USC they will ask us to let them know how many non-members there will come.

“I have forgotten/lost my dance shoes or other valuable property at one of your events!”

Don’t worry! We will save all found items and store these at our location for up to one month! After that, we will hand it over to the USC. They will store it for another three weeks, after which they will donate it to charity. Please contact one of our board members to reclaim what is yours.