The Amsterdam Beginners Competition (ABC) – formerly known as the KnuffelCup – is an informal dancing event aiming to provide beginners with their first competition experience. It’s all about having fun and dancers with more experience are very welcome to participate as well. The event is meant for every (student) dancer in Amsterdam and (very far) surroundings.

Guidelines for this competition:

Beginners with very little experience (couple of classes) can register with priority. Before the competition, make sure you are familiar with the basic steps of waltz, quick step, tango, chachacha, rumba and jive. Then you are good-to-go!

Got more experience in dancing? Dancers who participate in NADB Debutants 2-4 or NDO Debutants are welcome with their own dance partner or another dance partner.

Competitive dancers in NADB Debutants 1 or higher, or NDO Amateurs or higher are also very welcome to register, but with another dance partner than their competition partner.

Due to limited capacity and logistics, a maximum number of participating couples / participants per category (Ballroom and Latin) has been set. Because this tournament is intended to introduce novice dancers to competitive dancing, they will be given priority on admittance until Saturday, February 29th.

This means that dancers with more experience that have signed up before that time, will be informed after March 7th whether or not they have been granted a place in the competition.

The committee takes the following characteristics into account:

  • Beginners have priority.
  • Students have priority over non-students.
  • AmsterDance members have priority over non-members.
  • And of course: first come, first served.